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Client: Theramex 

Disease Awareness, Empowering Patients

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To connect women and their doctors over the issue of osteoporosis, encouraging them to discuss strategies to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Risk begins around the menopause and half of women over 70 will go on to break a brittle bone because of a fall, with obvious life limiting consequences. Targeting women and their doctors exclusively in Spain, Italy and France.


Under a campaign umbrella #CatchMeBeforeIFall, and using the startling fact that ‘every three seconds a bone breaks through osteoporosis’, we created a 15 second campaign sting, partnered with International Osteoporosis Foundation and World Osteoporosis Day (#WOD), then using Facebook and LinkedIn played out the content to both patient and professional audiences over a single week leading up to #WOD.

Making a Healthy Difference

In a single week the video was viewed several hundred thousand times driving an unprecedented number of clicks to the brand site to find more information. As a consequence, more conversations are now taking place between those most at risk and their GPs. Oh, and we turned it around in 14 days.

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