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Boys and male adolescents can fail to use haemophilia treatment effectively. They need to take responsibility as parents, support teams are not always consistently available as they transition from childhood to adulthood. 


To encourage boys to reduce risk taking, and use treatment prophylaxically as directed. 

ROAD spent a month in treatment centres and private homes talking to teenagers about living with haemophilia. The insights from this research created GOFACTOR, a patient support programme that dealt with the specific needs of young teenagers in a medium, manner and openness they could respect. 

Once registered in to the community, boys could find answers to the issues that mattered to them - answered directly from older male mentors who had experienced the exact same issues – sex, fights, sport,  relationships, drugs, tattoos and treatment. This was all dealt with in a frank, forthright and often funny manner.

Using secure data hosting GOFACTOR served age appropriate content, as well as access to a moderated community environment


Extremely well accepted by young haemophiliacs and professional audiences alike. Research showed boys in the programme sticking to their treatment regime, not because they were told to by their mothers, but because they decided to do it for themselves. 

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