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Generate consumer awareness for SculpSure -  the laser body contouring treatment that uses thermal heat energy to treat stubborn areas of fat, e.g. stomach, under chin, flanks and arms.  

Creative Campaign

ROAD created the ‘Turn up the Heat’ integrated PR and social media campaign to highlight SculpSure’s unique point of difference – the use of thermal HEAT energy to liquefy fat cells.  The campaign was used to build partnerships with SculpSure’s network of aesthetic clinics, increase social reach and drive customer demand. Consumers were engaged through a bespoke ‘Turn up the Heat’ lifestyle programme which positioned the treatment as an option to those who already follow a healthy lifestyle, but cannot shift areas of excess fat.  

Digital Spotlight

ROAD’s social media strategy included a combination of content marketing, community management, clinic affiliation, sponsored targeting and influencer outreach to raise Sculpsure’s share of voice in the social media conversation around non-invasive fat removal.  

Making A Healthy Difference

Enlisting beauty guru Alice Hart-Davis and nutritionist, Kim Pearson, ROAD created a programme of content to share with top beauty influencers and celebrities. PR coverage was secured across leading beauty blogs, national press and women’s consumer media. Social media engagement and influencer marketing activity increased reach among target consumers and aesthetic practitioners resulting in over 50,000 social media engagements across SculpSure’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.  

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