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Take start-up's fertility device myLotus to launch phase, raising awareness and building credibility.

myLotus, the UK’s first quantitative home-use monitor, gives women real-time insight into their hormonal cycle by detecting their individual fertility hormone levels.

Creative campaign

ROAD launched myLotus’ digital marketing strategy, creating content, setting up PPC and running digital ads across multiple social media platforms. ROAD maximised credibility with intimate debut at influencer workshop; developed close engagement with infertility bloggers and co-created expert-led content with KOLs including OBGYN fertility expert, Dr Larisa Corda and holistic fertility expert, Emma Cannon for maximum credibility.

Making a healthy difference

  • 53 million opportunities to see from media outreach
  • 5,556 hits to the myLotus website from PPC
  • 57,000 engagements from social media

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