Jun 9, 2016

Stop using the 'f' word...it's the benefits they want to hear

As a medical communications consultancy we are more often than not given a client brief containing endless technical features beautifully demonstrated in a 70 page slide deck.


Sometimes, but not exclusively, delivered by a technical guy with several pens in his top pocket. The assumption being made is that the customer…but let’s call them stakeholders because ‘customers’ come in all different shapes and sizes … is technically competent enough to add two or more features together to make a magical conclusion that this product will rock their world.

Of course real life is not like that. Whilst some will automatically understand the features and their connected benefit, not everyone is that capable. And why limit your potential audience by excluding the array of non-technical stakeholders who also have a decision-making contribution to make.

Our job is to find the compelling benefit for each stakeholder and make it easy for them to say ‘Yes’. The journey begins with mapping each Client’s universe and the unique groups of individuals who will determine their success. By understanding the issues and needs at play we can begin to craft a series of motivating benefits, perfectly tailored to each key decision maker.

Weaving these benefits into a planned and sustained ‘story telling’ approach engages an audience in their language, in their terms, and in their world. For us it’s all about the ‘B’ word!

To learn more about ROAD’s stakeholder audit and planning process please contact Paul Jarman.