Jan 12, 2016

ROAD hits all the right notes with latest hearing loss campaign


According to charity Action on Hearing Loss, there are 4 million people in the UK at risk of missing out on the pleasure of sound as a result of an undiagnosed hearing problem.

Tasked with raising awareness of hearing loss and the impact it can have when left undiagnosed, ROAD launched Pleasure of Sound - a campaign to celebrate the joy our hearing brings to our daily lives.

Audience laughing - Denman College Audience members at the W.I.'s Denman College for ROAD's Pleasure of Sound event

ROAD conducted market research that showed that a third of people claim their hearing is "not what it used to be" yet over half of the population have never had a hearing test. Left undiagnosed, simple things like enjoying a favourite piece of music and catching up with friends and family can become a strain and frustrating for those around them.

ROAD brought the campaign alive with Dr. Paul Whittaker (OBE) founder of Music and the Deaf, a charity that enriches the lives of those with hearing loss through the power of music, to host a series of workshops with The Women's Institute (W.I), touring regional groups in a fun "choral signing" workshop. Hidden Hearing provided an educational seminar at the workshops where a local audiologist gave members a free hearing test.

The workshops were rolled out across the UK to rave reviews and with extensive coverage in W.I. media, so much so that ROAD secured an invitation for Hidden Hearing to speak at aW.I. AGM meeting with 1,000 WI members this Spring!