Feb 13, 2017

Q: How do we communicate innovation? A: Ask, “Do we really need it in the first place?”

A: Ask, “Do we really need it in the first place?”


Bringing a new product to market is a monumental task for any company, especially when it’s offering something different in a category filled with established heritage brands. Creating a brand that understands the end-users’ needs and responds with a unique, ideal solution relies on the quality of information that the brand is developed from.

When clients present us with any new product or medical device, our first question is always “who benefits from this and how?” With established products this answer is often clear, or may just need some refining. With new innovative pieces of technology however, one cannot take any assumptions for granted.

Focus groups run by ROAD’s research team create the optimum foundation for developing a strategy that is predicated on stakeholder experience. The carefully selected groups give insight into the often complex and very personal needs of patients, professionals and consumers.  It’s a smart place to start any communications programme.

To learn more about ROAD’s research and brand development process please contact Paul Jarman.

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