Apr 22, 2020

Major MedTech win for ROAD


ROAD is thrilled to announce it has been appointed by Perspectum– the most successful life science start-up out of Oxford University, and one of the UK’s fastest growing MedTech companies.

Perspectum integrates applied AI with advanced medical imaging software, creating a new era in super-sensitive medical diagnostics. The technology enables precision health while offering more robust and pain- free diagnostics, as well as and accelerating research into metabolic disease and cancers.

While doctors previously relied on painful biopsies, Perspectum’s imaging platform is a non-invasive and pain-free way of capturing and processing images that measure disease progression and enable a faster diagnosis as never before as well as accelerating clinical research by monitoring the performance of new and novel therapeutic interventions. Currently 30 per cent of phase II & III drug trials into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease use Perspectum’s technology.

“We are working on a corporate brief to shape communications during Perspectum’s dynamic growth phase, with a focus on its ground-breaking technologies with applications in clinical practice, research and drug development settings,” said Paul Jarman, managing director at ROAD.

Apr 22, 2020