Feb 1, 2012

Got any experience with Statins - we'd love to hear it


Statin use is almost ubiquitous amongst the over 55s - and for good reason. There seems no easier, quicker way of reducing cholesterol levels and therefore reducing heart attack risk. Thing is, if you stop taking the pills, cholesterol levels will shoot up the very next day. So what? Doesn't sound so hard to keep talking the pills. Mmmm - not always so easy - some folk suffer with side effects associated with their statin, such as myalgia (muscle pain to you and me)

ROAD Communications is fascinated by patient engagement and concordance / compliance issues. We build programmes to help patients and doctors better manage illness. We're doing a piece of early exploratory work looking into the experience of people taking statins - if you are on a statin we'd be grateful if you were able to do our 5minute survey (but only if you are or have recently been on (last 12 months) a statin to control your cholesterol) - simply click here - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QXHZDP3

Many thanks