Oct 4, 2018

FemTech win for ROAD

  • Atlantic Therapeutics chooses ROAD for PR launch
  • One of several new clients in ‘FemTech’   a growing technology sector solving female specific health issues

ROAD is thrilled to announce it has been appointed by Atlantic Therapeutics to provide PR support for INNOVO, a unique wearable muscle stimulation technology proven to restore pelvic-floor control and treat stress incontinence.

An estimated one in five women over 40 have some degree of urinary incontinence.1  

“For the most severe cases the options are bleak; either a lifelong use of pads, limited access to physical therapy, or as a last resort, an operation with the associated risks we’ve seen reported recently,” said Sarah Winterbottom, director at ROAD.

INNOVO is an externally worn smart garment and recent research exhibited at the International Continence Society meeting in Philadelphia showed that after 12 weeks’ use, 87.2% of women return to a dry or mild category of stress incontinence severity.2

“INNOVO offers a positive and proactive way out of the misery of incontinence,’ Sarah added. Atlantic Therapeutics represents one of several new clients at ROAD in ‘FemTech’ – a growing technology sector solving female specific health issues.