Oct 8, 2018

FemTech is different to ManTech


In case you hadn’t noticed it’s been the year when FemTech became a thing. We can confirm a quiet storm in women’s health innovation has, with irrepressible feminine force, been changing the healthcare landscape. It’s most often being led by supremely motivated and talented women. And it’s based on a whole new perspective on how to solve some of the unique health problems facing womankind - problems that might have previously been medicated and solved surgically.

This new wave of data driven, AI functioning, IoT enabled tech is adopting a profoundly different approach. Instead of medicalising a problem (as in something to be treated with a pill) it’s treating uniquely female health phenomenon as natural - natural cycles, natural process’ of ageing, natural variations in body composition, and rather radically empowering a personalised, proactive and natural approach to understand, manage and improve. The theory goes .. more personal insight enables unique natural strategies for intervention, and the potential for less medication.

At ROAD, we’ve been working with several FemTech clients this year.. preparing them to communicate as they launch. And it’s an interesting challenge. Whilst men are more naturally attracted to ‘ManTech’ to measure (what is in effect) their personal performance via wearable sports watches and big data apps, women require much subtler communication when we deal with more intimate issues. Trying to get pregnant, improve a gynaecological issue, or maintain a healthy body composition are more complex, more personal and simply much more important issues.

If you’re launching new health tech aimed at women, we’d be very happy to share our experience of the right mix of social, digital and PR to ensure you connect in just the right way.