Jan 13, 2021

Accelerate your come-back

We’ve been helping several brand owners, retailers, clinics, medical technology and device specialists open-up, reconnect and get going again.

Here is our ROADmap for those needing to fire-up their come-back in double quick time.


1. Share the excitement with your influencers
Those who share a special interest in your treatment area will be just as excited as you that things are opening-up and that your brand or service is now fully accessible. Get them involved, let them share the good news and remind their followers. You both have a shared interest in a successful future, so collaborate.

2. Make it local, meaningful, and micro-world
Because of COVID, we are thinking and behaving more local than ever. We all want to save our high street, our local pub and favourite hairdresser. Travel sucks and we have all bought in to the ‘use or it lose it’ mentality. So make your social more local than ever - local influencers, local issues, local heroes, local outreach. We are all going to be more micro for a while, and so should your social and digital marketing.

3. You’re there and you care
Chances are you can’t deal with all your customers coming back at the same time, so share some tools, be virtually available. Can you make some content that eases fears, takes away the pain, and reassures that you’ll get to everyone as fast as you can? Bring customers back into the fold, catch the cookies, enable the content, and keep reassuring the punters.

4. See what they’re thinking
Google gives us one of the best data sets of collective psychology that has ever existed...so use it. During initial lockdown many were high on the novelty, searching ‘bikes for sale,’ and ‘baking for kids’, but now football is dominating the Google search charts, and searches for flights and holidays are up some 4,000 per cent on last month....we’re all ready to escape lockdown and are raring to go.

5. There’s a long-tail of newbies… go fishing
Consumers and patients have had an endless period to do their research. There’s a stack of pent up demand amongst your core customers, but also a new long-tail of newbies who’ve had an age to think it over. Help them make the first step. New search terms and novel PPC will widen your funnel at the top. With lots more interest comes lots more opportunity to shake out into new customers of the future.

Good luck, and of course just shout if you need a helping hand.

The ROAD team.

Jan 13, 2021